Creepypasta Zodiacs

Creepypasta Zodiacs

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offendersproxy By offendersproxy Updated Oct 14, 2016

Aqarius: sally/ toby

Pisces: clockwork/ jeff

Aries: jane/ hoodie 

Taurus: nina/ offenderman 

Gemini: judge angels/ masky

Cancer: suicide sadie/ suicide squidward

Leo: lazari/ abd mouse 

Virgo: bloody mary/jeff

Libra: rouge/ben

Scorpio: zero/ splender

Sagittarius: lulu/ trender

Capricorn: scarecrow/ slendy

Heck no! Both dislike me in mi friends fanfic. I just don't like them in general.
I don't mind lulu but trendsetter seriously? Well at least I'm gonna look fabulous but no I want Toby!
*whispers* fücking Joker and Barney made a baby. WHAT? NO! I NEVER SAID ANYTHING DARLING!
How!!!! He is too short!!!
                              Ben: *stabs my legs* 
                              Me: doesn't hurt *feels nothing*
                              Ben: *grabs a step stool*
                              Me: oh geez!
Ok trender just because I don't like one of your clothes doesn't mean u should go and kill me...