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♔  Kidnapped by my mates  {A One Direction Fanfiction} ♔ (under major editing )

♔ Kidnapped by my mates {A One Direction Fanfiction} ♔ (under major editing )

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LiLy JBieber1D By LiLiJBieber Updated Apr 09, 2015

Do you sometimes get that feeling like your being watched?,well that's what I feel all the time I never knew it was normal until I met them.

Lily was a normal teenage girl,or so she thought.You see Lily  is a very special girl she can Control all the factors of nature and she can do more then that,but she is oblivious to it,until she met them.Lily was living a normal life like any teenager her age would live,but that all changes on her 18th birthday.

 Lily always gets the feeling that like someone is watching her like she is not alone well that's true cause her mates are always watching over her to make sure that she's safe and out of harm, one night on her 18th birthday to be exact she is walking home alone from a party she was attending with her best friend Anna.Lily get kidnapped by those stranger yet extremely handsome young men she soon finds out that they are her mates,and she is in great danger because someone is after her to end her life. with her dealing with overprotective powerful supernatural mates who will stop at nothing to protect her follow Lily on her crazy yet love filled adventure.
This story is under major editing so please refrain from reading it until it's done, for it can be confusing if you read it while it's being edited.

Me after a long day of school and stress. (please tell me I'm not the only one who does this)
Lottiebrown12 Lottiebrown12 Jan 28, 2016
'Its not so short, just above my knee ' hehe, bitch why you lying?
_Newtie_scabooty_ _Newtie_scabooty_ Jan 25, 2016
Divine_ImaginationXx Divine_ImaginationXx Dec 31, 2015
If they always watch her do they watched her take a sh!t or fart or pick her nose
MarydaGrace143 MarydaGrace143 Jul 17, 2015
Most of stories  I've read, had a Lily name on it. I didn't know it's a common name.
demixox demixox Mar 04, 2015
I am dying of l laughter and it's not the right time. #00:57now