Beneath The Crescent Moon {TMS #3}

Beneath The Crescent Moon {TMS #3}

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Oh Lord, Touch My Black Heart By BlackKnight77 Updated Nov 19


(Can be read as a stand-alone)



The beast hesitated, but didn't turn to face me.

Suddenly nervous, I licked my dry lips and asked softly, "What's your name?"

He didn't answer right away, merely stood there in my balcony, staring into the bright light that the crescent moon hanging above in the night sky emanated. 

But when he finally did, I couldn't stop the shiver of something completely foreign as it surged throughout my system. 


☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆

Lena hates her new home, her new life, and the new town she moved in to. Because in the near isolated streets of Lycan Town, even though most of the children are such sweet darlings, majority of the people living there are racists and despise her for her unusual skin colour and queer black eyes.

However, another reason why the residents resent her is due to a feared red-eyed beast suddenly popping out of nowhere upon her arrival, roaming the streets at night and watching quietly as if waiting for something to snap. 

And although fear chills the bones of every person in the village, Lena is hardly stunned to witness the small town's infamous beast lurking in her backyard in the middle of the night, especially after a series of injured men were reported in its wake since the beginning of that month. 

But what shocks her instead is that after two peculiar encounters with the darkly handsome but dangerously scarred beast, Lena finds out that he's not only lusting after her blood nor just after her body, but after her hidden ability to set him free.


Cover by @_grimm

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I like the personification used for her dry lips. This abstract was well done. Writing standalones but that also exist in a series is hard. The main character had what seems to be a mysterious secret that readers will enjoy discovering
20th-march 20th-march Sep 29
Extremely nice, intriguing and captivating blurb. There's something about your writing, simple yet beautiful, that I'm sure would lure ny new reader.
Hi Im your partner for the counting stars bookclub and i have to say this looks quite intriguing!
Not read anything like it before! Can't wait to read on ☺️
Swibells Swibells Jun 14
I really like the beginning, though I haven't read the first two books, this one sounds promising alone...And I'm gonna read the other two if they are as promising as this one...:)
Like always, I admire your writing style Anna. I wanted to finish the second book, but didn't find time. Now I've hopped to your third. The blurb will easily lures readers - so intense and mysterious, and has the touch of darkness.