More Lies, More Cameras and Much More Action

More Lies, More Cameras and Much More Action

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thatmadgirlx By thatmadgirlx Updated Aug 16

**sequel to Lies Camera Action**

It's been 2 years since Joe boarded the plane back to England alone and life for both Joe and Maddy has immensely changed. Will seeing each other again change everything?

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ITS MADDIE I KNOW IT ISSSSS (p.s I'm so excited for this bookkkkkk) - sorry I'm hyped I just got tickets to Oli's book signing in June 🌚💕
it's maddie I freaking know it. had they broken up when he left her?? I'm crying please this has to work out this has to be maddie. of course it's maddie.. it's why you wrote a sequel.. this better be maddie please I'm done I need to sleep its 1am and I have sleep. damn it