Made In The USA(Zemi Fanfic)

Made In The USA(Zemi Fanfic)

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"No matter how far we go I want the whole world to know I want you bad. And I won't have it any other way. No matter what the people say I know that we'll never break. 'Cause our love was made Made in the USA" I sang. "That was amazing Demi." Someone said from behind me, making me jump. "...Is there someone you wrote it for?" I looked away from him shyly, as he sat in front of me. And that pretty much gave him the answer. "Demi? Was it for me?" I nodded and looked up at him. A smile pulled across his face and I got lost into his hypnotizing chocolate brown eyes. He took my hands in his and looked deeply into my eyes. "Demi...I...I lo-..." He started before Niall ran into the room. "Hey Dems I have to-... Oh um... Never mind." He said with fury in his eyes before leaving.


Demi never expected to tour with the biggest British boy band One Direction. She really didn't expect she'd fall in love with one of the band members, Zayn Malik. Demi knows that dating him might hurt Niall but can they really hide their feeling any longer? Will Zayn be willing to possibly end his friendship with Niall for Demi? Or maybe end things with Demi for his friends sake? Keep reading to find out.

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Wilfremy Wilfremy Jul 27, 2013
Boring? Are u kidding me? Its amazing and totally terrific :)