Innocent Lester | p.l.

Innocent Lester | p.l.

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In Phil Lester's perspective, travel through his mind and eyes as he meets his love at first sight. 

College is a pain in the ass. And Philip knows that. But he wants to try it out, become successful. 

When Phil enters this college, he decides he's going to befriend, and possibly, date this love he has. 

With his clumsy, kindhearted, and rarely harsh-self, he attempts to have her... along with the other half of the college. 

So come along and with this innocent Lester on a journey to capture the heart of the mystery girl. 

Yes, it's one of those stories.

\\imagine d&p a lot closer to an age difference than they are irl\\

//story starts in early august//

\\remember; time flys when you're in love\\

//you will find things like "Y/N" which is a name're a star! a great big shining star!//

\\chapter-name-idea-credit goes to the great writer & my senpai @reptilidan \\


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I'm Dominican so like I know a lot but I speak more English haha. I was born in FL