Phantom Justice

Phantom Justice

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Elly By EllyArt Updated Nov 20

Danny Phantom and Young Justice Crossover

Beware of Project P.
He's dangerous.
Don't go near him.
....Or you'll regret it.


Project P doesn't know anything. All he knows is to do what ever the GIW wants him to do and to go through the pain. But when a bat like man breaks into the GIW, what is to come next?

Batman had gotten an anonymous tip about the GIW. Taking it and telling Robin to stay home, he soon discovers what's really going on. What happens when he meets Project P.?

Summary is bad but I promise the story is worth it.

Oh hell yeah! This would be so hot! Especially if Danny could duplicate...
I hate to say this but, maybe there should be chalant. *cries*
;-; Okay, as long as there will be more stories with Birdflash
Sorry but I don't think Danny really works with anyone (my personal opinion, you may have a different one) so I am here.