Stalker! 2p Hetalia X Shy!  Reader

Stalker! 2p Hetalia X Shy! Reader

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Leatherfaceheartsyou By Leatherfaceheartsyou Updated Sep 02

Guess who?

It's only me and my sister, and I'm the oldest XD 
                              And I don't dance
That just got my whole life but my brothers are called Finlay and jack
Acurate except I have a half-brother and half-sister, and I'm the youngest.
Me except i actually do dance and i have adhd and im the youngest of 3 boys and 2 girls
this describes be perfictly have u been stalking me author~han
                              1: i love rock music
                              2: i love drawing
                              3: i love singing
                              4: i love love LOVE video games
                              5 and i also like dancing
Are you stalking me because this describes me on point including the rock music which is exactly right