Room 2010

Room 2010

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Mia Foster By MIAfstr Updated Nov 27

We all know that cliché story that the bad boy charms the good girl and they fall in love and BOOM! They all live happily ever after. Uhh, yeah this story isn't one of them...

I was the nerd that got too used to stories and believed that everything would work out in the end. He was my ex-boyfriend. He was a player. He was no good. He knew everything about me.

If it was bad then... what is it now?
Olivia and Noah was that couple that everybody thought would work out. But what happens when the ex booty call and the player share a dorm?
Join Olivia on her journey of jealousy, confusion and revenge in Room 2010!

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MIAfstr MIAfstr Oct 12
Thank you so much!!! Thank you for reading! I'm thinking of updating tonight x