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Pen Your Pride
Danganronpa roleplay 3 Despair in action

Danganronpa roleplay 3 Despair in action

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you can't be in that bus stop By -FARK- Completed

Danganronpa roleplay

Lights - Camera - Despair in action

Waking up without knowing how you got there is one thing, but being part of a group of twenty who's numbers slowly dwindle down in another. Trust is weak when everyone around you has an incentive, the incentive to kill.

In a game of kill or be killed what role do you play? Will you survive, Will you fall into the lying trap or will you get struck down by another.

T R U S T - B E T R A Y A L - D E S P A I R

Spaces taken - 20/20

Current students alive- (10/20)
Ren - SHSL Graffiti Artist
Hiroyuki - SHSL Psychologist
Aya - SHSL Clothing Designer
Jurou - SHSL Song writer
Miu - SHSL Shinto Miko
Kireina - SHSL Cosmetologist
Nico - SHSL Circus performer

Current students dead-
Yukio - SHSL Puppeteer (Killed)
Mei - SHSL Alchemist (Killer) 
Mika - SHSL Story teller (Killed)
Rika -  SHSL Astronomer (Killer)
Piper - SHSL Lumberjack (Killed)
Ethan - SHSL Archer (Killed) 
Naoki - SHSL Policeman(killer)
Kasumi - SHSL Animator (killed)
Ashe - SHSL Accountant (killer)
Kuroshin - SHSL NEET (Killed)
Yuki - SHSL Animal Talker (Killer)
Yuichi - SHSL Tragedy Author (killed)
Lucia - SHSL Interior Designer (killer)

Traitor- Hiroyuki
Mastermind- Piper

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  • darker
  • despair
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  • monokuma
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Lancelot_Gid Lancelot_Gid Mar 25, 2016
I guess I'll use only this. I tend to only use one, so I don't forgot the other one. Needles to say, If he died I'll still follow the story.
-FARK- -FARK- Mar 25, 2016
@Lancelot_Gid accepted! Are you making another or only this one?
-FARK- -FARK- Mar 20, 2016
                              Age: (16-19)
                              SHSL/Ultimate (not one from the game/s please or the last rp):
                              Would they kill?:
                              Fears(include worst fear):
                              Extra info?:
FezrewDyserk FezrewDyserk Mar 30, 2016
Is there more than one ending or is everyone dying an inevitable outcome?
dissdia dissdia May 04, 2016
Name: Jennifer
                              Peraosnlity: She is quiet but listens to the rules and doesn't like to disobey 
                              Would they kill:for self defense 
                              Fears: remembering past,lieing 
FezrewDyserk FezrewDyserk Mar 27, 2016
I hope you don't mind but I'm reading the comments cause I've got nothing better to do.