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Some Girl ^_^ By honeyloveytee Completed

Annabelle Aconite, the daughter of a Sheriff, always knew there was something off about her. From her strange vivid dreams of her being burned alive, dreams that would leave her chocking, smelling of smoke, and screaming as if the fire was real, To the dangerously attractive stranger who always seemed to pop up just in time to snap her back to reality. Anna’s life was never normal and things just seem to get worst once she took in an injured wolf.  Years have passed and Anna is determined to move forward, while hoping to leave the past exactly where it belongs, in the past.  But that all changes once she sees him.  Harry Styles, the bad-boy transfer, who is so bad that he and his friend were shipped out of the UK, and sent to finish school in the US.  Anna knows she should stay away from Harry. Harry oozed trouble as if it was sweat, but there was something about him, something about his piercing green eyes, and his dark curls, that reminded her of someone, someone she couldn't quite put her finger on.  After witnessing Harry in a fight, Anna’s Brother, warns her to stay away from Harry, and tells her that he is nothing but trouble, but against Anna’s better judgment she can’t seem to stop. She can’t deny the fact that she is attracted to him, and that there’s something pulling her to him, like she’s meant to be with him. But deep down Anna already knows that Harry Styles is nothing human.  Animal attacks from years ago; the one’s that triggered Anna’s dreams, begin swarming the town and the only way Anna can save her town is to uncover what Harry and his friends are. But once you’re wrapped into that world there’s no turning back.  Secrets are told, Identities will be revealed, But once the beast is Unleashed there is no telling what will happen...

The Wolf is Harry FUCKIN Styles...thanks for not changing in front of him
What i have learnt so far ,
                              you see a Wolf with green eyes always help because it's harry styles
But WTF 😂😂😂 to was her hair 😂
                              HELL NAW 🚪🏃🏽‍♀️
astyles0102 astyles0102 Feb 16
I'm not aloud to watch scary movies😂😂😂 not that I blame my mom
Shes regretting that shed 5'9 ... then wat about me..?? I am just 5'1