Sweet Revenge | SasuSaku

Sweet Revenge | SasuSaku

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Nichii By Nichiirawberry Updated Jul 10, 2017

From farm fields to city buildings, 19 year old Haruno Sakura and her mother, Mebuki, had moved in to the city of Tokyo. Adapting to many changes is a must if she wanted to survive any longer.

On the other hand, Uchiha Sasuke, an over-to-the-top, rich, egoistic and well-known guy had lived his life differently. He was handed everything in a silver platter and all he had to do is to make the most of it. In which case, he did.

One accident later, Sakura ends up being this guy's personal assistant. What are the odds of them getting along?

How mischievous could he be to make this sweet cherry blossom crave for utter revenge?

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But that’s what makes it all worth it.
                              The fact that we’re all running the same race. 
                              Sure the world is unkind, but it’s worth living and trying just to find those who can make your life brighter and just that much sweeter.
Read it offline and now I have to vote and comment because i this story is literally amazing!
llollian llollian Aug 11, 2016
Little did they know that in another universe this cute adorable boy would turn into a revenge obsessed emo that calls himself an avenger
duckbutt_uchiha2230 duckbutt_uchiha2230 Jul 25, 2016
It is so true and so deep oh no wait WA- * starts gasping for air*TOO DEEP.....CAN'T BREATHE😵!
Michiko-Sama1811 Michiko-Sama1811 Nov 21, 2015
                              100 ℅
Cheshire808 Cheshire808 Sep 15, 2015
Do you mean he's four years older than Sakura or like it's been 10 years since she last seen him or something along those lines?