lethal // phan

lethal // phan

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l8r h8r (งツ)ว By -originofsymmetry Completed

Of course having the ability to change and move objects using nothing more than brain power has its perks, but being sent to a special school isolated from all other humans is definitely not one of them in Phil Lester's mind. 
In the eyes of Dan Howell being feared is far better than being loved, the latter is overrated - it's one of the only things he's sure of. 

Coming from a world where you are different and into another where you're just another indistinguishable face in the crowd takes a while to adjust to. 

Especially when there are people who could provide fatal consequences if you were to cross them.



Warning: contains dark themes such as death/murder in parts, but no triggers on the lines of self-harm, mental illness etc. Feel free to message me just in case.

(Honestly this fic is a mess and I'm sorry in advance)

© Please don't repost my works on any platforms without my permission, this includes translations.

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Marissa_zxz Marissa_zxz Oct 15, 2017
When I was little after I watched Matilda i thought I would discover my powers accidentally too
AmethystBlades AmethystBlades Dec 19, 2017
Everyone's talking bout Bucky, and I really do love him (he's a smol precious bean that needs protection)
                              I thought of Vikkstar123, or Vikram Barnes
ficwriterbyboredom ficwriterbyboredom Oct 01, 2017
How have I not read this already? I feel like I've failed as a fic reader somehow. This is absolutely magical so far!!
the_rarest_pepe the_rarest_pepe Oct 30, 2017
If use this to make my parents think our house was haunted and to do things without leaving my bed
ChlorineLovingTrash ChlorineLovingTrash Dec 31, 2017
I'd use it so much. Washing dishes without touching food or the sponge? Sign me up.