The Only Human (Sans X Reader)

The Only Human (Sans X Reader)

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Sebethian By I-Ship-It-So-Much Completed


It's your birthday, and things have been boring down in the Underground. Luckily, you still have Sans.
For your birthday, he plans to take you out to Grilbys, which ends up being closed. There is only one place you can get a meal out with him now...

Papyrus doesn't seem to remember you at first, but it soon becomes clear that there is a reason he wants you to stay for a week. Read this, and have a wonderful time with your boyfriend Sans, whilst trying to be captured by his brother without noticing.

Okay did anyone read the title and sing the song Human when they saw it cuz I did.
I wouldnt care if i lived in a tool shed if i got to see Sans everyday! *realizes how dumb that sounds coming from me, and runs away*