A Bad Boy's Brother (Book #2)

A Bad Boy's Brother (Book #2)

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A. N. Senerella By shadowed_descent Completed

"What's going on?"
"Nothing. Please just keep jogging or something."
"What're you hiding, Kelsey?"
Her eyes searched mine, then very slowly she gave in. "Um...if I tell you...can you promise that you won't be angry? And that you won't freak out and punch the poor guy?"
"Why would I...are you cheating on Jason?"
"Is that guy the person you're cheating on Jason with?" I demanded angrily. "He has been nothing but good to you, Kelsey, how could you just cheat on him? He's a good guy!"
"No! Ryder, that's not what this is!"
For whatever reason, I believed her. "Fine," I said eventually. "I swear not to punch the guy if you tell me what's going on."
"Um...it'd be kind of easier to show you than to tell you."
I walked with Kelsey around the bench, and the guy stood up, looking down at me with very familiar eyes.
I was looking up at Corey.
Sorry Kelsey. 
And then I punched him.

Book two, following A Bad Boy's Worst Nightmare.

It's been almost a year since Corey left, leaving Ryder completely broken and alone. Now, he appears to be back once she sees him in the park. But when she's made to understand that the boy is in fact Corey's twin brother, she allows herself to let her guard down a little. But could trusting the brother of the boy that destroyed her heart really be the best idea? Or would he be just like his brother--the complete and total destruction of everything decent in Ryder's life?

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Luke_Hemmings2342 Luke_Hemmings2342 Jul 08, 2016
Yay!!! Turns out it wasn't Corey. Well Fudgerita to me. Cain though . . . 😆
Julia867530 Julia867530 Jul 22, 2016
WHOOHOO. I mean I liked him, but then he turned into a trucking dumb arse so.....
jacked-up jacked-up Nov 26, 2016
when you read the last chapter bc there would be problems if it didn't end how i wanted it to...trying to word this without spoiling
aligirl12 aligirl12 Jul 13, 2016
Please bring back Corey. Please or I'm going to die. I'm crying. I swear your books are making me so emotional.
wilddestdreams wilddestdreams Aug 03, 2016
I feel like the reason why he left is because he didn't feel like Ryder loved him the way he loved her.
thxldxwrites thxldxwrites Sep 12, 2016
Don't be selfish, just beacuse you don't need him does not me that everybody else don't need him as well