Natsu X Reader - Don't Leave Me

Natsu X Reader - Don't Leave Me

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Your name is Y / N L / N.  You join Fairy Tail saying you have no powers. But in reality you have this unknown power that only you and someone else knows about. When your past is bitting you on the butt, you and your friends try to protect the world from destruction.


I DO NOT OWN FAIRYTAIL BUT I DO OWN THE PLOT OF LOVE (also don't own any of the pictures I put in the chapters.)

( I did change the cover. I thought I could do better then what I did before.)

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MiaDragfilia10 MiaDragfilia10 Dec 17, 2017
Yeah, that would be me...... the careless dork..... I WILL TOUCH ANYTHING THATS PINK OR PURPLE
He Natsu there's mutant ice down here that looks extremely dangerous especially since we're in the magic world and anything can literally kill me on a single touch- hey what I good idea HERE LET ME TOUCH IT.
Yup that's definitely me😂😂😂😂 Ahhh I'm gonna die someday from doing those things
Galactica_ForRealz Galactica_ForRealz Nov 30, 2017
THAT. Is the most stupidest thing that I ever heard. You’re gonna touch something interesting without even knowing what it is?! (Y/N) is so stupid.
Why not just say Imma go touch this purple ice thing and probably die?
                              Idk ok? Don't ask
ReadAtMidnight247 ReadAtMidnight247 Dec 28, 2017
I feel like a nincompoop. Honestly, though, I’d probably still touch it, lmao.