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Pen Your Pride


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Taylor Cochran By taylorcochran93 Updated May 11, 2016

"Lucas you have no idea what you're trying to get into." Her face was so serious and more than that she spoke with so much passion... passion for me. And that made my heart soar. She actually cared. "You can't like me."

"Too late." I whisper while taking a step closer to her, not at all enjoying the space between us.  I hate those words 'you can't like me'. I release a small smile, as I slowly stalk around her. "I can like whoever I want." I know she likes it when I get demanding, "And I like you." My hands snake around her waist to tug her impossibly closer, our bodies are pressed together. I hear the hitch in her breath causing me to inwardly smirk.

"You wouldn't if you knew everything. I'm not safe." She whispers while her fingertips trail down my shirt covered abdomen. 

"I don't care." My heart begins to race from the close proximity. Like it has done since the first day I met her. I give it 30 seconds before I am kissing her senseless.

She shakes her head, almost admonishing herself for even trying to think of us together. "I'm not good for you."

"Yes you are." My hands grip her thighs to lift her off the ground, and seconds later I feel her lips crash onto mine. These damn butterflies and this feeling, I've never felt this way before. Yeah, we are so different, but I couldn't care less. She's a fighter and I am what she refers to as a 'goody goody'.  She's aggressive and I'm passive. I'm submissive, a good portion of the time and she takes control, she's never afraid and I am afraid of one thing. 
Join Riley and Lucas on an epic adventure of love, laughter and uphill battles. When things seem damn near impossible,  will they keep fighting to keep what they have alive? Both physically and metaphorically. Or will they Tap Out?

Beautiful cover by @majestyriles

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cowanandbughead cowanandbughead Jun 16, 2017
I really don't like zootopia, I tried watching it and I really couldn't get into it
AbbyKasperowicz AbbyKasperowicz Jul 06, 2017
"Be sure to tell you uncle that if he gets a translator make sure it speaks bachee"- Star Wars A New Hope. I had to😂😂
sweet_sierra_sorrow sweet_sierra_sorrow Jun 21, 2017
Let me get this straight, Maya is Riley, and Riley is Maya? That's all I have so far. Riley is the silent bad girl type. And Maya is the popular girl that's all cheery. The roles have reversed!
MyEmoOwl MyEmoOwl Jan 18, 2017
Whoa whoa, don't say  bad stuff about your best friend., well future BEST FRIEND for this story. You'll regret it!!  So, sweetie, just, just dont
asimons2020 asimons2020 Nov 24, 2016
I love this I haven't thought of Riley like this and I like it
MyEmoOwl MyEmoOwl Jan 19, 2017
😂😂 now 6:10, is she coming around my corner. This is a big coincident