Under The Mistletoe

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Yessi By xSnowKiss Completed
Payton's not the type of girl who spends her time falling in love. Her focus is mainly on getting through college. This holiday season, Payton's alone in New York, busy with college and her job. What will happen when Payton meets Justin? Will she find herself unexpectedly falling for a guy she just met? But with Justin's ex still trying to win him back, Payton is unsure if anything will ever happen between them. Then again, you never know what may happen underneath the mistletoe<3
Me name is payton and I love how this could really be me since I still love jb
Darn I'm angry... I was ur 70th vote :( I messed up the hole 69 D: I'm so sorry... But this is my first JB fanfic!!! Going well so far! I love Christmas :)!!!! Stay awsome! Lots of live Xx.
How do you know about Cornell?! Do u go there? I love the campus and I'm in love with their track/ cross country coaches! Such a great little town<3
Omg this is amazing ur soo talented I love this story already
:( u said it's only gonna b 5 parts?? :'( I already love it. :) upload soon. !!!
LOVE THIS STORY :D Upload soon. This one is way better than mine.....