The Alphas bitch. (Editing) #Warning sexual content#

The Alphas bitch. (Editing) #Warning sexual content#

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HelenEliza By HelenEliza Updated Sep 02, 2013


My names Tasha. My life sucks. I was only 18 when it happened. I've been kept as the Alphas bitch since that day. Used when he wants me, locked up in a dark and damp house against my will. 

It's sick I know. But this is the life I have. I'm not even sure if it's better than being dead.

I had the perfect life, loving parents, awesome friends, I was just waiting to find my mate, then I'd have everything I could ever dream of. 

Of course, that was until that day, the day my parents and pack were attacked by rogues. My parents were killed, my best friend too along with many of my pack members, but I managed to escape. Something I have regretted every single day since.

I woke up in this house, and havn't left it for nearly 4 years.

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HelenEliza HelenEliza Jul 11, 2013
@1Dfanrobin thanks so much. I hope you enjoy the 1st chapter (like i said at the end of the summary, iv been a little occupied!) ok, @itnaturallikeaflower, im going to get my little fingers going and get the update on tonight! Lol x
HelenEliza HelenEliza Jul 10, 2013
@2bless Thanks for commenting, and for following me! I hope you enjoy the 1st chapter :) while your waiting feel free to read my other story 'the troubled lands - demon vampires' X
2bless 2bless Jul 10, 2013
can't wait seem like It's going to be a really good book. update soon!
HelenEliza HelenEliza Jul 10, 2013
Hmmm looks like it will be tomorrow! I just seem to keep writing.... Plus unexpected things have come up in the real world, so I'll do my very best X
HelenEliza HelenEliza Jul 09, 2013
Hey, thanks for commenting. As i said this is only a summary, the 1st chapter will be up either today or tomorrow (i lost some of the chapter grrr!) which is MUCH longer lol The 1st chapter is of the events leading upto when Tasha wakes up in the house. Thanks again :)
HelenEliza HelenEliza Jul 03, 2013
Hey! Let me know what you think to the summary to my new story. The first chapter will be of the events that led to her waking up in the house where she's been held captive. 2nd chapter will involve sexual content and violence *just a warning* 
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