When You're Gone (Of Liberties And Loss, #2)

When You're Gone (Of Liberties And Loss, #2)

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Gou A. Wei By Lacrine_Sienna Updated Apr 04, 2017

Seventeen years, ten months, two weeks, three days... 

Each moment is agony.

Every second of every day, George Beaumont is reminded of his young wife's untimely death. With every glimpse of that painting up on that mantle, with every glimpse of his only son. By this point, he is addicted to laudanum and half-mad with guilt. In his deluded mind, he is her murderer.

Following the aftermath of his closest friend's attempt to end her life, Raymond Beaumont finds an old journal belonging to a woman who he barely had gotten to know- his mother. Who really was the farmer's daughter who became a duchess?

He chases clues of a possible murder with an heiress whose wounds have not yet even closed. As they race through the countryside, everything begins to fall into place and the big picture is much darker than they ever could have imagined.

A choice.
A mystery.
A betrayal.

Secrets have a horrible way of revealing themselves...

Highest Ranking: #10 in Historical Fiction