Sweet Mafia (Yongguk BAP)

Sweet Mafia (Yongguk BAP)

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chidori By stormtear Updated Dec 01

Before my parents died, they left me with another mafia gang. I was in a grief, as I saw with my own two eyes how my parents were killed. I swore to have my revenge and it could only happen with HIS help. 

He told me that he'll help me to succeed in my revenge but then, he never promised to stay with me. I thought it'll be okay, since we hated each other.

But then, I can't hate him forever. 

 Because of the promise, I could only hide my feelings for him. 

Anyone would find him bitter, but I would find him sweet. I really wished to know his real feelings but then... as I was stepping closer to success, the truth fogged by betrayal. 

I felt bitter, but then, I have my sweet mafia. 


This is BAP fanfic starring by Bang Yongguk. False grammar and typo alert. (English is not my main language so please understand, hehe) Anyway, comment , vote and enjoy !

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