Our President Is My Maid

Our President Is My Maid

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ZHIEND By Lilicey Completed

Elsa is the new school president and she decides to make the school to be on top of it's game and makes some changes to the rules. She is strict with every body especially the boys and most especially the most popular boy Jack. Who always finds a way to get in her head.

But when Elsa needs money to help take care of her sister and mother she ends up working as a maid for Jack.

This book is mostly about jelsa and Merricup 

None of the characters here are owned by me except for the ones I made up

OMG I this reminds me of something. But I just LOVE and ADMIRE how you gave it your special twist. Can't wait to read more
AineAngel AineAngel Sep 16
This reminds me of Kaichou wa maid sama....seems everyone as well.... 0 v 0
Aahh... Hiccup always the odd one out 
                              That's why I love you xD
Is this based off of maid sama? Because if so you mixed two of my favourite things together
I agree with that. I an a girl and hate make up and girls at my school cover their whole faces, so I understand you Jack