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Hetalia RP

Hetalia RP

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Cherry & Yukidama By APH_Fem_Fauchereve Updated Feb 19

Random Ass RP Ideas.

Be_a_hero Be_a_hero Jul 16, 2016
Clark was watching TV with Mathieu and Allen. She was arguing with Allen on who's gonna win the Hockey game.
EM0Hetalian EM0Hetalian 5 days ago
(Rose's 2p name is Mary her weapons of choice are throwing knives)
                              She was making poison for her brother's cupcakes
xsidmonkeyx xsidmonkeyx Dec 23, 2016
(2p Puerto Rico's name is Daniella and her weapon is two swords and you can set her up with 2p Iceland)
                              Daniella watched in agony as the world meeting proceeded all the countries fighting and arguing she sighed to herself "idiots" she said under her breath
oliverkirkland693 oliverkirkland693 Dec 26, 2016
(Of cause you its me  and I use a kitchen knife)
                              He smiled happily as he walked around town trying to find a few things
_Uchiha_Pandora_ _Uchiha_Pandora_ Jun 06, 2016
Katia has her machete...she wasn't talking..she walked to the world meeting..tilting her head..she stopped at the door..looking at everybody with a creepy look while tilting her.head.."Well why hello..." She said to all of the countries...
APH_Stockholm APH_Stockholm Aug 21, 2016
Bianca had her twin pistols in her hands, grinning. She was practicing targets.