Troublesome. ➳ Katemau AU

Troublesome. ➳ Katemau AU

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❀ Damara By PastelRealms Updated Sep 14

Katelyn cupped Aphmau's face with her hands, causing Aphmau's heart to hammer against her chest as Katelyn said three magical words to the dark-haired girl:

❝I love you.❞


For All You Fellow Katemau Shippers Out There. c:

Yes, This is GirlxGirl ❣

The Art On The Cover Doesn't Belong To Me, It Belongs To @aouba On Tumblr.

✱May Be Cussing At Times✱

( Slow updates bc I haven't watched Aphmau for a long time and I might just leave the fandom idk )

LtCorbis_ LtCorbis_ May 30
Can u add a character for me named "Moonlight" and can u make her like Katelyn and aphmau's bff's and she is smart and pretty and has black hair and white eyes and has powers plz ,Thanks!
Oh damm....although i would say the same sooo......yeeeaaahh
Ash is clearly one of us readers that found their way into the story somehow
ChaiNoir ChaiNoir May 14
Dude I thought I was the only one who shipped this but I'm so happy I'm not alone :')
Rissos3 Rissos3 May 07
When I first read the name Ash the first thing I thought of was Pokemon.  (*▔^▔*)
UltraRae UltraRae Aug 30
*Describes that Garroth and Laurance have a crush on each other*
                              Me: (inhales deeply) YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH