Troublesome. ➳ Katemau AU

Troublesome. ➳ Katemau AU

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❀ Pastel the Weird By PastelRealms Updated Sep 14, 2016

Katelyn cupped Aphmau's face with her hands, causing Aphmau's heart to hammer against her chest as Katelyn said three magical words to the dark-haired girl:

❝I love you.❞


For All You Fellow Katemau Shippers Out There. c:

Yes, This is GirlxGirl ❣

The Art On The Cover Doesn't Belong To Me, It Belongs To @aouba On Tumblr.

✱May Be Cussing At Times✱

( Slow updates bc I haven't watched Aphmau for a long time and I might just leave the fandom idk )

LtCorbis_ LtCorbis_ May 30, 2016
Can u add a character for me named "Moonlight" and can u make her like Katelyn and aphmau's bff's and she is smart and pretty and has black hair and white eyes and has powers plz ,Thanks!
Marceline_Bonibell Marceline_Bonibell Apr 15, 2016
Oh damm....although i would say the same sooo......yeeeaaahh
RandomReaderofFanfic RandomReaderofFanfic Aug 08, 2016
Ash is clearly one of us readers that found their way into the story somehow
ChaiNoir ChaiNoir May 14, 2016
Dude I thought I was the only one who shipped this but I'm so happy I'm not alone :')
YOUBAKA123 YOUBAKA123 Dec 29, 2016
.....brownish gold orbs...BEST TYPE OF EYE COLOR THERE IS XD....dam my very very dark born eyes that look like chocolate in the sunlight..
Rissos3 Rissos3 May 07, 2016
When I first read the name Ash the first thing I thought of was Pokemon.  (*▔^▔*)