I'm Not Yours, Mr Ex Best Friend

I'm Not Yours, Mr Ex Best Friend

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Neha By HoneyClumsyFudge_x Updated Jun 10, 2017

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"What the hell?" I exclaimed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." He apologized. 
"I'm sorry too! I thought everybody had two eyes which they were oh-so-graciously given by God to see." I said with sarcasm dripping out of every word.

He looked at me weirdly like I was talking gibberish. But there was also a slight hint of amusement in his eyes. 

"Oh yeah? I didn't know that. I thought very few people had eyes...." He said, faltering towards the end, obviously realizing that he was making no sense at all.

I gave him a look as if asking 'Seriously?' Clearly, sarcasm wasn't in his nature.

He glared at me. "You turned out of the line unexpectedly. I am not an astrologer that I will know when 'Your Highness' is going to step out of the line."

He did not just say that.

I glared at him, not really in control of my actions, picked up a glass of orange juice from some stranger and threw it on him. 

"Your Highness got angry. Nobody angers 'Your Highness'."

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ShellyLovesCameronB ShellyLovesCameronB Sep 12, 2017
Lmao "Alan" who even calls people that nowadays. What happened to Ryder, Carter, and Francisco 😂😂
seblehoran seblehoran May 29, 2016
A great summary, I must say. Its intriguing and wants readers to know more about the MC's story. Over all, nice writing!
rickrodan1000p rickrodan1000p May 29, 2016
                              Very interesting way to begin your story. I like it. It's teasing and diffrent. Nicely done.
Softclix Softclix Nov 10, 2016
From the intro feel as if I should..lean back..fasten my seat belt....hang on tight. Get ready for the ride of my life. Let's see
JasminAMiller JasminAMiller Jul 21, 2016
Interesting summary. Curious to see what will happen next 😊
hufflepuffswifts hufflepuffswifts Jan 16, 2017
I love him 😍 this is why the story came up in recommended 😂😂