A Busty Island (A Senran Kagura Fanfiction!)

A Busty Island (A Senran Kagura Fanfiction!)

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⦅Looking Cool Joker!⦆ By Alexmercer156 Updated Feb 17, 2017

I crashed a boat.... How do you crash a boat!? But now I'm on a island.  Maybe it's not deserted. There has to be some lifefrom on this island.... Maybe? Anything is good at this point. Tip to self, don't drink and... Go boating. But maybe some beautiful women can pop up.... Nah, that's just a fantasy that'll probably never happen. 

((Hello! I actully wanted to try a story of this game, but I never really had the chance! But here it is now! Hope you like it!))

Sexual Content
Sexual Intercourse
Use of mild language

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DuncanJoey DuncanJoey Aug 06, 2017
Well... I'm just because I want to. It is right in front of me and I wanted to know what they felt like.
AustinCargile AustinCargile May 18, 2017
Eh I'm not a total perv I have boundaries, I mean I just poke it
Later_See_Ya Later_See_Ya May 03, 2017
Beautiful Start, I enjoy the humor with Katsuragi already. Outstanding work also I'm checking out your other works and loving it !
WowmasterPT WowmasterPT Dec 02, 2016
Im really liking the story! Really good work, keep it up.
                              By the way, I just got inspired to do something like this, if you wouldn't mind I would really love to do it. ( I wanted to ask permition because I didn't want to steal your idea out of nowhere )