lux in tenebris » exo ot12 a.f. [ au ]

lux in tenebris » exo ot12 a.f. [ au ]

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pimp daddy sav By tsundoku- Updated 3 days ago

❝ annyeonghaseyo, we are your burning fire! tenebris imnida. ❞

↳in which the new rookie group tenebris
are part of a variety show with exo,
and are parents for puppies.

[ all slots closed ]

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cover by hailee (@wooziness)

handjobs handjobs Apr 01, 2016
wtf we go to six flags for a field trip )): smh, disneyland is fookin’ great, mate. also, bless Peter Pan, have you watched once upon a time ??
baekhyun baekhyun Apr 11, 2016
no wonder the abbreviation is lit if u kno what i mean (-;;;
dielsm dielsm Apr 02, 2016
did you know seven is a magical number
                              fun fact of the day fam