[Karma x Reader] Multisided

[Karma x Reader] Multisided

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Aize - sama By kawaiiaize Updated Jul 25

(Y/n), a girl who came out of the classroom ceiling?
A new, transfer student?
Seems so! She sounds cute and friendly!
Although she's a little too stupid...

... is that really (y/n)?
Only Karma knows everything.

[I tried to make an interesting description ;v; sheesh~ I promise this Karma x Reader will be different from the others! 
- Aize - ]

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no_no_nomo no_no_nomo Nov 09
                              Ya know from azumanga daioh it was a great manga and anime you should take a look
                              👌🏻 really funnny
TheWoman1o1 TheWoman1o1 May 01
Lol you thought i was a boy?! BOIII I WILL BE GAY IF I SEE YOU DERR
D-did you just...
                              ASSUME MY FCKING GENDER!?
                              TRIGGERED AF
kbelz72 kbelz72 6 days ago
I don’t want to be mean, but the name Arisawa Yukari is just a weird name!!! And if ur wondering what’s going on, then go back to the top and read what she said.
kawaiiaize kawaiiaize Apr 16
@Evolentis I'm sorry for your trouble too, I intended to make this story for a girl. And at least, I have to cause I have to decide something for Reader-chan and can't just make it any gender (?) However if you have a good idea on how to improve that part, please tell me! Thank you for reading!!
kawaiiaize kawaiiaize Apr 16
@bubbletwist1 @XxlinxyxX1 @anzuraze @ellathecatgirl Sorry for the trouble ;v; i hope you figured out by now that it's a fake name, and your name will be used soon enough. I'm still trying to write a new chapter. Thank you for reading!