horoscopes [book 2]

horoscopes [book 2]

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Just a continuation of some zodiac shit...

"the SUN is the [neck] and [spine], holding everyone together and connecting each other. the MOON is the [heart], the songwriter of your soul. MERCURY is the [tongue] and [fingertips], ready to share information with the world. VENUS is the [hips], telling your lovers what you cannot say with words. MARS is the [fists] and [calves], covered in sweat and blood. JUPITER is the [face], particularly the [eyes], all-knowing and expressive. SATURN is the [knees], taking the worst pain of your body by still carrying on. URANUS is the [feet], ready to take you to the ends of the earth. NEPTUNE is the [spirit] behind MERCURY'S [tongue] and [fingertips], whispering inspiration and ideas. And PLUTO? PLUTO is the deepest part of the [brain]; you can't really tell they're there, but they can make their presence known if they have to." -zodiactown || Instagram

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