The Maid (a Draco Malfoy Story)

The Maid (a Draco Malfoy Story)

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DivergentSlytherins By DivergentSlytherins Updated Aug 11

"You could have torn yourself apart. Don't you care?" He sobbed by my side.

"Not anymore." Was all I managed to say.

This the story of a young girl who was taken from her father at a young age, leading up to the separation from her older sister and mother. Join Elizabeth Toren as she walks through the adventure of life discovering new things about herself. Controlling emotion and the lethal love that comes with it. Can Malfoy's maid make it through the challenges and a hot pursuit from the dark Lord. All the while discovering her true nature and determining what to believe in.

mitchg-in-a-tardis mitchg-in-a-tardis Mar 25, 2016
Despite some grammar and spelling mistakes, the story is pretty good! I'm about to read the next chapter because this first chapter has interested me enough. High five for being a potterhead!!