Your Chaser

Your Chaser

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While having his duty off, Billy meets this doctor-to-be girl in a hotel, playing piano. Later on, they meet each other and set up a date together. 
Juwita didn't like her brother brother-in-law because he is a soldier. She oftenly went somewhere else if her in-law is off duty. She met a charming handsome man during her runaway. 
However, things can't just be easy right? These two person then involve in a complicated love story. 


"I'll chase you, Juwita. No matter how far, and how long will it take, I will chase you."

Ini bukanlah cerita favoritmu mungkin. Hanya cerita klise tentang bagaimana sebuah perasaan tentang benci, kecewa, terluka dan cinta di gabungkan dan membentuk sebuah kisah antara Billy dan Juwita. 
Ketika cinta itu mulai dibuka oleh Juwita kembali untuk mulai percaya, maka saat itulah cintanya, perasaannya kembali di uji.


p.s.: some part might be in  private :)

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Doraemon411 Doraemon411 Mar 31, 2016
Kakak tau Descendant of The Sun? Aku kaya lagi nikmatin yg version novel hahaha 😂 😂 keren 😍
sekepingcookie sekepingcookie Apr 18, 2016
Kak, Akmil with 'K' ya, bukan 'D'. Soalnya Akmil itu Akademi Militer, oke? :)
dronaldvanhoutten dronaldvanhoutten Oct 06, 2016
Hampir mirip sama drakor dots, tapi tetep menarik karena isinya tetap beda
greenfourclover greenfourclover Jun 03, 2016
awalannya mirip kayak DOTS. Mirip, lho ya, tapi tetep ada bedanya.
Titannium_ Titannium_ Dec 27, 2016
I have been watched the film about military too . and I like it so much . let me wonder before I finish this 
                              Perhaps I will love it so much