BodyGuard   ~MiniCat

BodyGuard ~MiniCat

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Muni Ledd By ALostCause Updated Jun 14, 2016

Tyler, an undercover agent for the CIA, is assigned a job as a bodyguard for a man named Craig Thompson. Craig Thompson isn't famous or special, but he knows some information about Los Santos' most feared gang that is extremely important to both the gang and the CIA. Tyler must be with Craig 24/7 as his bodyguard. What happens if Tyler becomes more than just a bodyguard to Craig?

Blythe78 Blythe78 Oct 11, 2016
Don't worry about the comment about military this is fiction and none will take it as your opinion of them <3
cookie273 cookie273 Sep 27, 2016
Am I the only one who pictures Craig as a chibi just running and flailing his arms like crazy screaming in a high pitched voice? XD I'm weird 😂😂😅
TheCreativeRose TheCreativeRose Mar 20, 2016
*gasps* YES MORE!! I love MiniCat!!! XD
                              I like the plot for this one too!~ :)
TheCreativeRose TheCreativeRose Mar 20, 2016
Damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans! XD I couldn't help myself sorry, I just died at the thought. OMG PLEASE HAVE ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THE CREW BE DANIEL XD
MichelleTheBest1718 MichelleTheBest1718 May 28, 2016
The part where Evan and Delirious were making out just killed me!!!!
MistakenlyDifferent MistakenlyDifferent Jul 28, 2016
Not interesting,Ty-Ty!
                              It's gonna be adorable!
                              Aaaaaand I think Craigy-Craige passed out from either shock,hitting his head,or just passed out for no reason but from being overwhelmed with scared emotions.