Signs Your A Naruto Nerd

Signs Your A Naruto Nerd

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screech By Neko-Sasuke Updated Sep 02

I know I am.. and I except it! :D
Wut about you?

Yes, this was based off of Signs Your A DBZ nerd

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FoxyLuvsYaoi FoxyLuvsYaoi Mar 22, 2016
I did ONCE!..... Okay maybe I mistaken it a few times..... 😞
Neko_Sayumi Neko_Sayumi Mar 22, 2016
I have done that once... I was talking and I said Karma but it came out as Kurama...
MissMurderz MissMurderz May 05, 2016
This is me, and I've done it so many times my autocorrect changed too XD
sunflower-sundays sunflower-sundays May 19, 2016
I do this all the time with me wanting to use the summoning jutsu!
Ryuu_No Ryuu_No Mar 30, 2016
Yep, mostly when i'm in class and there is a test coming up X3
Dragonite7 Dragonite7 Oct 08, 2016
                              I just can't use it yet...
                              I wish I did