DBZ Oneshots

DBZ Oneshots

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big mood By Foxitten Updated Aug 03

Dragon Ball Z/Super oneshots!

Most of the oneshots in the beginning are cringey, because they were written in late 2014 - Mostly in notebook apps, and memo apps... But, now in 2017, I've made a lot of improvement!

Back then my average words-per-chapter used to be in the high hundreds, and now the average is about 1700 per chapter - some chapters are even 3000+ words!

By now, I've done a lot of different requests. I bet I won't have a problem doing yours! [Requests are currently closed, however!]

-No OC's!
-No hateful comments
-No making fun of other people's requests

Just enjoy!~

Mrs_Splinter Mrs_Splinter Apr 20, 2016
Uh... can't you please do a Tien x (android) reader? I don't really know why, but I just thought it'd be interesting. Or else, maybe a Android 16 x Reader? He need some lovin'. 😄
Senbonzakura12 Senbonzakura12 Oct 07, 2016
If it's alright if I could request 2
                              Piccolo x Saiyan who's the sister of Goku and
                              Gohan x Majin who's a counterpart of Buu but female
Cooleruu Cooleruu Mar 20, 2016
Jeice X Reader, (depressed!)Vegeta X Reader, Raditz X Reader, Piccolo X (Saiyan!) Reader
- - May 15, 2016
Can you do a kid trunks x (half Saiyan reader that is Gokus daughter that looks like a girl version of him and Goten's twin! )
DatWeirdNerd DatWeirdNerd Jun 05, 2016
Can you do a adult gohan x pro guitarist oc? The oc is one of my characters....her name is McKenna she has long black hair and she is very skinny and she is the most popular girl in school. And in this story she is a female saiyan. She's really strong. Please and thank you
FrostyMew FrostyMew Dec 13, 2016
XD that pic ok can you do a Vegeta x werewolf saiyan reader or neko vegeta x neko reader