My Alpha Mate **NOT EDITED** (#Wattys2016)

My Alpha Mate **NOT EDITED** (#Wattys2016)

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Meet Sophia Mason. A typical 16 year old girl. Her and her mom just moved to Tampa, Florida, from Traverse City, Michigan. 

Meet Carson Sawyer. He's the school's player. A typical 18 year old boy. Except for the fact that he's half wolf, half human. Yeah, that's right he's a werewolf.  And not only is he one, he's the alpha of the SilverMoon Pack. 

Sophia knows nothing of the supernatural world, but she's about to thrown right into it.


I don't get why people r so amazed with this school. This is the size of my high school and I don't get lost
nonimzileni nonimzileni Oct 05
At least Mia didn't say: "We're gonna be best friends!!" That line makes me cringe every time.
What about social studies? Or a diffrent language or something
You're a pretty good writer usually with the books I read on here don't understand what's happening because they change their train of thought but don't change the whole book ti fit the new train if thought.
MiaTate14 MiaTate14 Apr 04
No, you'll find out what she is or if she's anything later on ;)
KenzieKoen KenzieKoen Jun 21
I would sooo get lost on my way to class if I went to school there.