The Distant Type     [On Hold]

The Distant Type [On Hold]

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Moon Butterfly By XxOtaku_iNSaNiTYxX Updated Oct 30, 2016

OHSHC X Male OC X Creepypastas 
Xai's never been the one for violence- oh, who am I even kidding? He's... how do you explain it? 

He's somewhat mentally disturbed. He's the type of guy to not scream if he saw someone gutted and laying in his bed. He's the type of guy that would drink up blood if it wasn't illegal. 

He still can scream if he gets hurt, though. I mean, he's just a human like the others.

Even though he's forced to keep it inside, he practically imagines the blood that he could shed, each and every day at random times. Instead, he has to fake it with what others - if they even could get it through their hollow skulls -  considers a wimpy shy act until he... eventually snaps someday.

I mean, come on! All he does is fake a stutter and make his voice have a frightened tone and bingo. He's perfect to be an actor.

The only people who know about his true nature are the people who he had blackmailed to keep quiet about it. But, they're all back in America; Dakota to be exact.

He thought that if he moved out of the country and into Japan, that his past would never exist. Fortunately, it managed to work, although it would be stuck in his mind forever. Xai started to enroll into Ouran Academy, a school where pimps did almost whatever they wanted as long as it related to being fancy.

The only thing wrong with his idea? 

He would never come back the same...


Thankfully, the people hidden in the forest helped him, whether he wanted it or not.
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KeliCrimson KeliCrimson 2 days ago
Photographic memory shouldnt be able to help like that unless you meant it as reading characters and their romaji. I wonder if you're thinking echoic memory for sound?
BrokenPicture13 BrokenPicture13 Nov 03, 2016
Mines July 13(Friday) I love and hate it. I love it because it's cool, and I hate it because I've been bullied so much for to
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OH HELL YEAH. PTX. I HAVE A SIGNED POSTER FROM THEM- // I'll shut up now because I go on a never ending rant
Meow38 Meow38 Jan 08
I was gonna comment "WEEEEEEEEEEEBBBBB" but then I read the photographic memory thing xD
galaxyjungkookies galaxyjungkookies Nov 13, 2016
My bday is at oct 14 i love and hate it. Love because everyone gives me food and hate because many horror movies come out...
nellyrozenberg nellyrozenberg Nov 01, 2016
Hey dude.. are you comparing Male and Female?
                              It's obvious Male is better.. that's your mistake. 😂😂😂😂😂😂