The Distant Type

The Distant Type

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Xai's never been the one for violence- oh, who am I even kidding? He's... how do you explain it? 

He's somewhat mentally disturbed. He's the type of guy to not scream if he saw someone gutted and laying in his bed. He's the type of guy that would drink up blood if it wasn't illegal. He's the type of guy to shift his persona to get what he wants.

He still can scream if he gets hurt, though. I mean, he's just a human like the others.

He thought that if he moved out of the country and into Japan, that his past would start to cease to exist. Fortunately, it managed to work, although it would be stuck in his mind forever. Xai started to enroll into Ouran Academy, a school where rich kids did almost whatever they wanted as long as it related to being fancy.

The only thing wrong with his idea? 

Well... he didn't expect to be wanted so much by other psychos.
The cover doesn't belong to me; in fact, nothing but Xai and a couple of other characters do.
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                              THESE VOICES WOUNT LEAVE ME ALONE
They called her a girl 😂😂😂 they just gave away her secret
MCandyLuver MCandyLuver Sep 28
Me when I'm being quiet, not wanting to talk then somebody interrupts my sweet sweet alone time
Ha, memory. I used to have that. I can't remember what I ate yesterday or even what day it is. XD
So many people relate to this and it slightly concerns me XD
We would get along so well we are practically twins👿👹😈