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Obedient school | D•L

Obedient school | D•L

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✗✗✗ By XbabyGilinskyX Updated 6 days ago

"I won't hesitate to bend you over my desk and fuck you right here, and right now"


 In which a troubled, rebellious girl gets sent away to an obedient school to fix her behavioral issues.

Dam I'd be outta there hella quick like I'd trip his ass then run
Oh dam I've only been hit by my ma actually I've gotten a lot worse like skipping rope worse but dam that's messed up
ellaserene ellaserene May 10
Uh uh I live in a Mexican household. If I did any of this I would get beat so hard. The chancleta would knock my teeth out so fast, I'd have to look around for confirmation of what just happened.
Damn no girl you got to respect your parents without them you wouldn't even be alive ... it's deep bruv
Is she reaĺly serious. I would have sold that bitch months ago. Save me the trouble
leonor-03 leonor-03 Apr 25
They are your parents, and y r u so shocked my parents hit me all the time.