Lalu the story of us (rewriting)

Lalu the story of us (rewriting)

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Mars By UrssaMinor Updated Jun 22

At the age of 5 Lucy runs into a forest near Magnolia because  her mother dies and her father starts abusing her. 

A young Laxus wonders through a forest and finds a young blonde girl crying. He asked her what was wrong and she told him.

Laxus asked her if she was a Mage and Lucy was a celestial wizard. Laxus brought Lucy to Fairy Tail and they asked if she wanted to join, of course she said yes. 

Laxus and Lucy became inseparable they had a bond like no other of course 

Lucy also was best friends with Mira they formed a bond and they called themselves the satanic sister because they were mischievous little girls.

When Lucy turned twelve she had dreams about her mother, Layla. Layla told Lucy something and Lucy left the guild wanting to train but she also wanted to came back for her friends. 

What happens when she comes back after 8 years of training? Will the guild ask her to come back?

Read to find out!!

You'll get people reading your book If you have a lot of chapters not just two