Queen (Urban Fiction)

Queen (Urban Fiction)

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Shekinah By Kaneslove Updated Jul 15, 2012

{This book is part 2 of "Myking" if you have'nt read part 1 do so before you Read this book}


Its late. I'm tired as hell but I'm so scared to go in that room. I ain't tryna be nobody bottom bitch and I damn sure don't wanna fuck cash. I been in this kitchen for two hours. I literally cleaned everything in here. From the fridge to the stove and the floor. All the cabinets are clean too. I was trying my best to keep busy so I wouldn't have to go sleep in bed with cash. But eventually I dosed off at the kitchen island. But when i woke up. it was morning. The sun shined through the gold drapes. The canopy bed I was in was so comfortable it was like god made it himself. The sheets were thick and smelled so good. I just laid there nevermind how I got in this bed.  

"Sugar" I heard I mans voice say. Damn I thought. It was cash calling. I sat up and looked around the spacious bedroom. It was beautiful. Everything in this room looked expensive and unique. I looked up and around for c...

NanaJanae NanaJanae Nov 01
Shidd... Wit all that yall still gone get caught.. #FatalAttraction
daisha_ahaa daisha_ahaa Jul 04
Sounds like something I'd do. If the government is watching please don't take me in for questioning I'm sane.
NanaJanae NanaJanae Nov 01
You have a right to say.. You were defending ur self... But since u real stupid .. I just think you finna get locked up
nevamindu nevamindu Jul 26
That don't even sound right from my lips so I know it don't sound right tuh her
Loving it so far. I just miss innocent Jasmine. And where is king momma?
NanaJanae NanaJanae Oct 31
I keep forgetting this is just a book.. Lord put me in check plz