The Elevator

The Elevator

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LAUREN PALPHREYMAN By LEPalphreyman Completed

Laura is trapped in an elevator.

She has been there for as long as she can remember.

The elevator is going down.

She doesn't think she's alone...


A short horror story.

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natmustang natmustang Jan 01
Oh helllll nooo laura if Iweere u I would cover my entire body with Jesus Christ's tears
XxxTochixxX XxxTochixxX Nov 22, 2016
Wow really good and that was like two words !!!!😂😂😂😘
Ninuri_de_Silva Ninuri_de_Silva Dec 28, 2016
Its creepy how the author's name is similar to this little one.
KevinLewis348 KevinLewis348 Dec 18, 2016
Very creepy and atmospheric tale! I really enjoyed reading it.
xxEllieWoodsxx xxEllieWoodsxx Dec 08, 2016
lmao, when i read this I heard a noise out of my room door 😂 scary af
jolielune jolielune Nov 23, 2016
You heard it here first, folks. RIP main character 🙏🏻🙏🏻