My Monster (Travis×Katelyn)

My Monster (Travis×Katelyn)

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Katelyn is a famous actress, she loved her job. But what happens when she gets casted as the love interest of her worst enemy.

Travis is a famous actor. He was casted as the lead role of an action/romance/comedy movie called My Monster. A movie about a girl with a dark past, and a man who saves her.

A simple love story.

Decided to try something new, a Travlyn fic. I am actually very proud of the cover. I made it, I love you all.

I do not own any of the characters.

Cover: Etch-a-Sketch15


Oh my gosh the amount of hate the author is getting for not shipping Aarmau damn it's just their opinion.
Dan Howell voice: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back the foop  up, yeah?
Author chan I know you hate aarmau but do you ship travlyn??
MayaDaPinkFire MayaDaPinkFire 5 days ago
Just gonna say, Katelyn's last name is Firefist, and Travis's last name is Valkrum.
His last name is actually Valcrum, just Incas you wanted to know
hmmmmmmmmmm I see something wrong here. WHY IS THERE HATE ON AARMAU? IT'S CANON!