Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten

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[squeal to Rivals] 
It's been 13 years since Tobin has left Alex. Alex one night thirteen years ago just a little after Tobin left Alex  was a little carless. 

Nevertheless, Sophia Morgan was born. Sophia is a huge soccer fan. Especially to professional player, Tobin Heath.

Tobin comes back to play for Portland after she has spent some time at PSG. 

Let's just say two old friends meet again.

QStayBossin QStayBossin Mar 31
So my aunt asked me to come over to her house because she wanted to watch Netflix and Chill. I was like never say that again it doesn't mean what you think it does.
Me when my parents interrupted me during the wwc final literally
Tobin is like food if i didt have food for 13 years then all of a sudden i saw it i would cry
hm gee I wonder who
                              much hard 
                              lots confusion 
                              what going on you forever.Ha!sorry got carried away there.👍👈
My cousins and sister stupidly decided that it was a good idea to teach my grandmother to dab and whip and she heard them say fleek the other day so now every time j go by her house she's like "Hey come see how on fleek my dabbing is". 😂