Monstrous Love ~Discontinued~

Monstrous Love ~Discontinued~

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Dipper and Mabel were raised in Gravity Falls. When they were born with the bodies of a deer and a fish, and they were shunned by their parents and shipped to their gargoyle-like Gruncle Stan. There they were with others like them. As they grow Dipper vows to unravel their homes mysteries and stumbles upon a hunter named Bill. Though this man is not all that he says he is. Bill is a demon and helplessly in love with Dipper. It seems to help when Dipper feels very much the same way. How will this new romance turn out? Read and find out! 

My first Gravity Falls story and this Monster Falls AU. This is a billdip story with some background ships. Some are Pacifica x Mabel and Robbie x Wendy


  • billdip
  • boyxboy
  • gravityfalls
  • monsterfalls
Who ever said Stan didn’t have a heart lied he has a stone heart but still a heart!!!
*quietness*.............*yelling*You are NOT good parents! A good parent loves their child/children no matter what!
Oh god I imagined him flap-jumping around going "CAW CAW BABY SUPPLIES CAW CAW CLEAN ATTIC CACAWWW"
Yeah....your children save the world and you won't be able to talk to them. EVER
They are acting like they just figured out there kids are gay
Stan is the best, he doesnt care if u gay, straight, human, monster, demon, angel, just as long as u nice 
                              dats y he awesome