Tattoo | Ryan Blaney

Tattoo | Ryan Blaney

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Ryan Blaney and McKayla Elliott have always been the best of friends growing up. In High School, Ryan finally had the guts to ask out McKayla. And they were the cutest couple in the school. Even got each other's names tattooed on each other. But one day Ryan changed... He started getting into the wrong crowd... Drinking, drugs, and other stuff that was completely unmentionable... Ryan never seemed sober to McKayla. Ryan, in the blink of an eye turned into a stranger, and was never seen again by McKayla ever again...

Four years later, Ryan Blaney is the driver of the  Woods Brothers 21 Ford, and in his rookie year. A changed guy. Never like what he was back in High School. The drinking addiction, the drugs was all behind him. Then there's McKayla. McKayla is finishing up her senior year of college, in her public relations major classes. Never knowing where what ever happened to Ryan. That was all in the past, but the tattoo always brought back memories. 

One day, McKayla goes to the track to visit her brother Chase Elliott, driver of the Napa 24 Chevrolet. McKayla starts to lay her eyes on a tall, skinny, curly brown haired, green eyed man down a few pit stalls. To her surprise it's Ryan Blaney. Her ex best friend, her ex boyfriend, and the guy who broke her down leaving her feeling worthless. 

Will these two find each other again? Or will past memories get in the way?
"These tattoos are a sign." He says to her. 
"A sign about what?" She asked him. 
"A sign, that no matter what happens to us, we will always be each other's." He answers.


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nascarrr nascarrr Nov 30, 2017
Nice chapter. Gonna have to read some stuff tomorrow then 😎 can't wait. I enjoy the way you write.
justonebreathx justonebreathx May 26, 2016
A weird noise just left my mouth when I read "curly, brown hair" because seriously, that hair does something for me!