naruto x male! reader (harem)

naruto x male! reader (harem)

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a boy with the name of 

(m/n) takashi moves back to Konaha causing both boys and girls to have their eyes on him...

Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto °^°

xaolina1 xaolina1 Jun 27
um Konohamaru is a person, Konohagakure is the Village, short, konoha
My waifu is coming to stop the soon-to-be lemon scene. 
                              Good job, Sakura.
Kevin, stahp. You're going to need a new Way starting tomorrow.
So soft... so long... So girly. -. 
                              Reader-kun, style it differently! Actually, it's a harem. Keep it that way
Konohomaru is the Third Hokage's grandson  Konoha is the village
One day... One ninja... One. Goal. Will he do it? Will he pass the class? Will he get dem boiz and gurlz? Find out today/night on... HAREM, NARUTO STYLE!!