naruto x male! reader (harem)

naruto x male! reader (harem)

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a boy with the name of 

(m/n) takashi moves back to Konaha causing both boys and girls to have their eyes on him...

Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto °^°

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xiu0min xiu0min Oct 22, 2017
I'm kinda the submissive type so I'd be an uke if I were a male in a gay relationship ;-;
AaronB0 AaronB0 Feb 19
I feel like you are making a slightly watered down Gary Drue...
TrashcanOfGarbitch TrashcanOfGarbitch May 10, 2017
Kishimoto did state that when an uchiha and a hyuuga had a child,he/she will have both byakugan and sharingan.
Moonblaze100 Moonblaze100 Apr 17, 2017
whenever a book says that there's a guy with girly hair I immediately think Armin Arlert from SnK
AaronB0 AaronB0 Feb 19
Is this us or Naruto? Not to knock your writing abilities but you definately need story building practice for your writing
Hentaimaster2000 Hentaimaster2000 Feb 17, 2017
If I asked for someone's name and they wrote (m/N) down on a piece of paper I'd be pretty damn confused 😂