naruto x male! reader (harem)

naruto x male! reader (harem)

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anonymous By theloveofengland Updated Nov 22, 2017

a boy with the name of 

(m/n) takashi moves back to Konaha causing both boys and girls to have their eyes on him...

Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto °^°

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tangirene tangirene Oct 22, 2017
I'm kinda the submissive type so I'd be an uke if I were a male in a gay relationship ;-;
TrashcanOfGarbitch TrashcanOfGarbitch May 10, 2017
Kishimoto did state that when an uchiha and a hyuuga had a child,he/she will have both byakugan and sharingan.
Moonblaze100 Moonblaze100 Apr 17, 2017
whenever a book says that there's a guy with girly hair I immediately think Armin Arlert from SnK
AaronB0 AaronB0 4 days ago
Is this us or Naruto? Not to knock your writing abilities but you definately need story building practice for your writing
Teen_Symptoms Teen_Symptoms Sep 14, 2016
So soft... so long... So girly. -. 
                              Reader-kun, style it differently! Actually, it's a harem. Keep it that way
gucci-rose gucci-rose Jul 06, 2016
Konohomaru is the Third Hokage's grandson  Konoha is the village