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Zootopia Fanfiction


	Nick Wilde has been kidnapped by Ex- Assistant Mayor Bellwether in a revenge scheme meant for Judy. He's rescued and Bellwether fails yet again, but did she? Nick isn't the same fox he used to be. It isn't until they have to arrest a wolf for attempted murder does the real effect of Bellwether's torture set it. And it may have scarred Nick for life.

 I don't own anything, just borrowing some fantastic characters


Tw: use of drugs, torture, and fear triggers

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Archangel59 Archangel59 Jul 26, 2017
My favorite part was judy's stage play from the beginning. "Blood, blood, BLOOD! And... death.
moonlightmari moonlightmari Feb 03, 2017
My favorite part is the reverse hustling when Judy recorded Nick on her carrot pen and his facial reactions had me laughing so hard 😂😂
straight_up_geek_ straight_up_geek_ Jul 01, 2016
I like when Nick tells his backstory and Judy puts a paw on his arm, saying: "Nick, you are so much more than that." or when Judy apologizes and Nick says, "You bunnies. You're so emotional."
WolfHeartWriter WolfHeartWriter May 09, 2016
Pretty good so far! My fave part was probably when Nick acted savage. He reminded me of Todd from the fox and the hound
Americancitizenoflol Americancitizenoflol Apr 04, 2016
(Sings so horribly)YOUR LOVE,YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG!
                              Me:Shush!You are unconscious
zoo-to-hell zoo-to-hell Jul 26, 2016
This story, lovely, is damn fantastic is far, looking sharp. Great use of dialog here and there, damn well use of our favorite fox's stupid love for blueberries.