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No More II A Lucy Revenge Fanfic II

No More II A Lucy Revenge Fanfic II

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The Matrix By Alamatrix Completed

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Lucy Heartfilia had been abused by the guild fairy tail after a member who became great friends with Lucy returned.
She created a new friendship but for some reason the fairy tail members began to despise and mistreat Lucy. They thought of her as a weakling they could use and torture for there pleasure.
They beat her everyday and find her cries for help amusing. Even so, Lucy loved fairy tail and put up with it all hoping they'd return to there old selves.
She handled it for six entire months and still had hope but she just couldn't take it anymore. She quit fairy tail and came back with a big surprise for them.

So how was it.
I might add that this is my first actual Lucy Revenge book and I hope you like it.

BTW, this book is just as cliché as any other book.

 Constructive criticism is appreciated.

MrSprinkles1142 MrSprinkles1142 Oct 23, 2016
L-Lisanna plz try and help Lu-chan 
                              And I only like you in this book
MakoHaruFangirl MakoHaruFangirl Sep 24, 2016
thank god a story where Lisanna is NOT the one for Lucy's removal!!
DjSparkle DjSparkle Jul 15, 2016
At least she's still a member? I don't think I'm helping 😥
Neko_yama_13 Neko_yama_13 Sep 17, 2016
OMG I LOVE the detail!,
                              This book is getting good and it's just the first chapter
                              I really love it!!
WinterMakani WinterMakani Aug 16, 2016
I can't help but hear the line ' Why won't you stay with me'.
DjSparkle DjSparkle Jul 15, 2016
The fact that she hasn't died means she's sure as hėll strong and thank you because lisanna's not evil