Uncanny Trust- phan BDSM AU

Uncanny Trust- phan BDSM AU

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we could be free By ArgentumAmour Updated Apr 16, 2016

"Do you trust me?"


A powerful, rich business man by the name of Phil Lester finds a small, half-frozen, vulnerable 18 year old on the streets of London, abandoned by his family. When he takes the boy back to his mansion and realizes just how adorable he really is, the orphan will have to make a choice between death and a different lifestyle

**trigger warnings**


BDSM (uhm,,,)

pugasoraus pugasoraus Jan 05
That's not Phil, I don't know who it is but it's not my precious Phillip!!
TeslaGavin TeslaGavin 2 days ago
realjohnwatson realjohnwatson Mar 23, 2016
Lowkey not into the daddy kink but I'll persevere bc I want to read this book yay
Marrllrn12 Marrllrn12 Dec 27, 2016
I read reasons why I hate winter to the tune of reasons why dans a fail
                              What is wrong with me
pastel_punk_yoci pastel_punk_yoci 6 days ago
I'm listening to bad  and boujee
                              Raindrop drop top Phil Lester top tops ^-^
sassqueensierra sassqueensierra Apr 17, 2016
I'm just taken back a moment realizing, I did this, I introduced you to this. I apologize, I really just screw everyone else. Then again I'm even more screwed up for reading this, heh.