Uncanny Trust- phan BDSM AU

Uncanny Trust- phan BDSM AU

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we could be free By ArgentumAmour Updated Apr 16, 2016

"Do you trust me?"


A powerful, rich business man by the name of Phil Lester finds a small, half-frozen, vulnerable 18 year old on the streets of London, abandoned by his family. When he takes the boy back to his mansion and realizes just how adorable he really is, the orphan will have to make a choice between death and a different lifestyle

**trigger warnings**


BDSM (uhm,,,)

Me when people are stupid. Basically all the time I'm at school
Phil's mum: so honey you never told me you're job
                              Phil: I'm a CEO of a legal pornography company 
                              Phil's mum: ......=/ well then have fun......
                              DAN: you're a moose
Omg me running away from the vices in my head. I'm kidding I love the voices in my head.
Omg. I'm the angry alcoholic!:))
                              Not rlly as I find alcohol disgusting but I am angry:DD
danispreggo danispreggo Apr 12
I look like a fûcking fat potato that is sick with the flu and on their monthly hell phase HOW READY DO I REALLY LOOK?