Lucifer» D. Salvatore

Lucifer» D. Salvatore

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"What's your name?"
"Like the devil?"

 Everyone who reads the bible, believed that Lucifer is a male, but they're WRONG. He is actually a SHE and she is as evil as everyone knows her to be. But she wanted a change of a scenery from Hell. A vacation from being Queen so what better place than the supernatural hotspot, Mystic Falls?

Luci has never met a guy she couldn't charm into liking her or manipulate. But she has met her match when a certain raven haired, blue eyes man come through her path after having his heartbroken by his so called, 'love of his life.'

Only time will tell.


I do NOT own The Vampire Diaries or its characters. All rights go to L.J. Smith and The C.W. !! Also, the creative Lucifer character + the plot is by the lovely writer @OneLoverBriBri so go check out her stories! And I couldn't have written this without Plot Shop TVD/TO by @the1andonlytifftiff check out her work too!
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'To anyone that was oblivious to her new face in the small town, they would've thought SHE'D been here multiple times
I can already tell it is gonna be awesome and please, take however much time you need. :)
I think you should take out the comma, and edit this sentence a bit if you have time.
Wasn't there more chapters to this story already???? I could have sworn last time I read this there were many other chapters for It!?!?!