always. [riarkle one shots]

always. [riarkle one shots]

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dani. By lucayapls Updated Aug 20, 2016

Above him the sky crackled, the white blinding flash, followed by a deafening boom. "I'm never going to come back from this and it's all your fault."

He fell to his knees, his shoulders heaving as the rain fell in around him. "I hate you so much," he rasped, his eyes stinging. The tears fell freely, his broken sobs louder than the metallic pound of the rain on the roof. [excerpt from "Grief."]

riarkle one shot book ranging from angsty to cheesy and back again.

Nope. This is too much for me. Next oneshot better make me happy or I will punch something
MpV11- MpV11- Aug 29, 2016
I was crying as I read every word omg😭 can I just hug Farkle right now 😩💔